Andy, with Teddy.

Hi there.

Welcome once again to our website. I’m Andy, and my wife Tessie and I want to share a little bit about ourselves with you.

We don’t have kids in the traditional sense. We have dogs, Four wonderful dogs. And they are our children.

  • Liberty, who’s our oldest, is our Siberian Husky. And she speaks for everyone. Whether you want her to or not.
  • Then we have Lilly, who’s our English cream golden retriever, and she is four years old.
  • There’s Teddy. He’s the lone male, fixed, as they say. He’ll be three in November, and he’s a mutt. We know his mom was an English cream golden retriever. I’m not sure exactly what the dad was.
  • His mom was found on the street. So he was our first foster puppy.
  • And then we have Yeti, who’s our youngest and she just turned two. She is an incredibly unique boxer mix.
  • She was actually born with five functioning legs. 
  • But after agreeing to foster her, we decided to remove the extra leg, because it had the potential to cause issues in the future.

So these are our children. We are blessed to have them.

But before this set of kids…

Our first set of children included Prissy, who was a cattle dog mix. And we had Cheetah, a boxer mix.

And then we had Bandit. He was a Labrador Retriever mix with only one eye. They have all since passed on, but they blessed us for many, many years — well over a decade.

Why we started fostering

We started fostering to kind of help fill a void in our lives. We’re unable to have what most people would call “children.” 

So these are our kids. We love them and we would do anything for them.

We have a friend who runs a fostering rescue near us. And we believe in what she does.

So we get to foster a new pet every couple of months, which is pretty exciting — but also pretty  challenging.

We get the ones that are harder to foster, mainly because we don’t have kids. That gives us an advantage because there’s less stress in the house for everyone — dogs and humans alike.

So that’s a little bit about us. I’m also a musician in my spare time. I play the piano in a Christian band, and in a piano vocal duo.

And now my wife will finish this out.

Real world veterinary experience comes in handy

I’m Tessie and I have been in the veterinary field for about 10 and a half years now.

I started out as just a receptionist at a vet’s office near us and quickly trained to do some technicians’ duties. Then I moved up to manage the practice, although right I’m just enjoying being one of the staff and interacting with patients — and their owners.

Andy also has a background in pets. He used to manage a pet hotel, and then worked for a pet business.

So, between the two of us, we have a plethora of knowledge and hands-on experience that we can share. 

In conclusion

Like he said, we don’t have children. So our four-leggers are our biggest responsibility — and our first priority.

Being able to foster is a chance for us to give back and to show an animal how much they can be loved. And to help give them that transition from being either on the streets or in a really horrible environment — we give them a spot to land and be safe.

And we’re glad to do it because they give us so much joy in return.

We are writing these articles and posts with you in mind, and in the hope that you will find exactly the information you need.